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The Guitar Fingerboard

A practical guide for mental visualisation and sight-reading

English version

MP 51EN, pp. VI+42

ISBN 978-88-88662-38-1

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The Guitar Fingerboard - Musica Practica


As the title page states, this method is intended to develop the mental visualisation of the guitar fingerboard and the ability to sight-read.

The tables on each page should be completed without the help of the instrument. In this way the student will begin, gradually, to be able to visualise the notes on the fingerboard, an ability that is essential for a good gestural memory. This ability also helps the acquisition of a good sight-reading ability.

The tables can be completed during breaks in the lesson; they can be assigned on a weekly basis; or given as homework for the holidays. When repeated several times, they become a playful challenge that helps nurture a quick mental response. A further level of difficulty can be added by using an hourglass or a stopwatch to set a time limit for the completion of the exercises.


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